1:1 Session – 90mins duration
Providing holistic support and guidance for personal transformation, self discovery and body, mind, soul well-being.

Session Highlights

  • Deep Sound Immersion: Includes 45mins of A personally tailored, restorative sound immersion allowing you to fully rest and relax. Hear sounds including voice, drum,rattle, other sacred instruments and deep silence. Explore, share and set intentions before the session with time after to ground, discuss and integrate your experience.

  • Stress Release: Soften the tension and heaviness of stress accumulated in daily life. Create space and freedom from layers of busy mental chatter, physical tension and emotional build up. The purposeful soundscapes induce specific meditative states, promoting calmness and inner peace, soothing a frazzled nervous system and training the whole body to find its natural, optimal frequency. Regular time spent in these states strengthens the ability to self regulate and find resilience.

  • Emotional Healing Space: For those navigating emotional challenges, the session offers a safe space to explore and release deep-seated or stuck emotions. The vibrations of sound act as a catalyst for emotional healing, aiding in processing, release, and integration of emotional pain. You will be gently guided to recognize, reflect and release at your own pace and understanding.

  • Spiritual Exploration: Connect with your spiritual self, explore inner realms, and gain insights into your personal sacred journey. Learn how to trust your inner compass, set your own sacred space and co-create your spiritual life with honest integrity.

  • Energy Balancing: Shamanic sound healing works to balance and harmonize the body’s energy centers and overall energy field, contributing to physical well-being and vitality. Clearing dross, stagnation and blockages in the energy field brings, freshness, clarity and freedom at deeper soul levels having an flow on effect through the physical and mental bodies.

  • Tools for Personal Transformation: This session can be utilized as a powerful tool for breaking through limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, and initiating positive changes in your life. Learn how to deeply listen, get to know your inherent wisdom and make choices feeling empowered. Journey to move through what no longer serves or is inhibiting you from forward movement and balanced life choices.

  • Integration Processes and Follow-Up Email: Receive guidance on integrating the healing experiences, along with tools to support your ongoing journey. A follow-up email ensures continued support and resources.

Frequency Options

  • As Needed: Flexible scheduling based on individual needs, providing support, guidance, or energetic realignment as required.

  • Scheduled: Book sessions in advance at intervals relative to your needs, fortnightly or monthly, to maintain balance and overall well-being.

  • Intensive Transformation: Recommended for significant life changes, challenges, or major transitions. This approach involves a series of sessions in a relatively short period, supporting a profound transformation and integration of healing experiences.

$150 per individual session, or
$360 3 Session Booking
*Concessions considered on request

Important Considerations
Shamanic sound healing is a complementary modality, and individual responses may vary. Factors such as personal commitment to the healing process, lifestyle, and integration of insights gained during sessions influence the effectiveness of the therapy. Begin your transformative journey with a Shamanic Sound Healing Session.

Amanda’s beautiful, natural authenticity and openness bring something special, and a familial feeling to her sessions. Her readiness to share her experiences and feelings create a space where sharing, listening and discovering happen spontaneously and easily.

Amanda’s depth of presence is grounding and comforting. Her lightness and warmth make for experiences which are felt deeply, but able to be navigated joyfully and gently. When someone works from her heart the way Amanda does, it’s palpable, and resonates throughout each session. It creates an atmosphere where everyone is (/you are?) safe to feel and explore their own depths, in a living soundscape.

– Verity