Vocal Expression Session – 1:1 – 90mins duration
Explore and express your voice as a tool for personal healing and transformation. Unleash your inner harmony and experience the profound power of your inherent healing instrument.

Session Highlights

  • Opening and Grounding: Explore, share and set intentions for the session, tailored to your needs and expectations. We then begin with grounding exercises to connect with the present moment, centering yourself through mindful breath work, body movement and simple vocal techniques. Opening the space to listen and get to know your inner voice while starting to gently express.

  • Toning and Sounding: Get to know the natural resonance and inflections of your voice through toning and sounding (the intentional use of extended vocal sounds). Dive into a harmonious experience as you explore various tones and frequencies, allowing your voice to resonate through your being. Toning facilitates energetic balance, relaxation and a deeper connection to your inner self. Physically calming the nervous system and clearing mind chatter.

  • Expressive Vocalization: Journey into the heart of expressive vocalization. Through guided prompts and intuitive sounds you’ll tap into emotions, memories and unspoken truths. Allow your voice to be a vessel for authentic self expression, transcending words to communicate from the depths of your being. Rediscover your voice as a tool for empowerment, self assertion and confidence.

  • Release and Integration: Experience the cathartic release of any held emotions or energies as your voice becomes a conduit for self healing. Following this you will be guided through a grounding process to integrate the transformative energies cultivated during the session. Rest and relax with a 15 min sound immersion followed by deep silence. Ample time afterward to discuss, share and integrate as necessary.

Important Considerations
Shamanic sound healing is a complementary modality, and individual responses may vary. Factors such as personal commitment to the healing process, lifestyle, and integration of insights gained during sessions influence the effectiveness of the therapy. Begin your transformative journey with a Shamanic Sound Healing Session.

Note: No prior vocal experience is necessary and the sessions are tailored to accommodate
various comfort levels. Wear comfortable clothing and bring an open heart to resonate with your authentic sound.

Frequency Options
Regular practice forms the optimal route to discovery and empowerment through this modality. This can be achieved through home practice alongside vocal expression sessions and also our monthly group sound play sessions.

$150 per individual session, or
$360 3 Session Booking
*Concessions considered on request

Amanda’s sacred sound space is an experience that I can’t get enough of. Her warm welcoming vibe, incredible knowledge, wisdom, and deep connection to sound is always shared so intuitively and authentically in all of her offerings. I’ve experienced the incredible benefits of Amanda’s sound healing sessions where her voice and use of sacred instruments flow as a powerful combination for deep healing, self awareness and connection.

With Amanda’s guidance I’ve also learned how to work with the unique medicine of my own voice through sound, toning and vibration. This is felt so powerfully in the body and Amanda facilitates it in such a way that is fun and accessible especially for people who might feel self conscious about using their voice as a tool for self healing. Amanda has such a natural gift and passion for this work and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Tania